Interview, and 'The romance of [the other end of] the telescope', Designed by Peter Saville, Frieze Publications 2003
The interview forms the book's backbone, uncovering the thought processes and stories which lie behind Saville's work. 'If I have brought anything to graphics as a discipline, it's a subtler understanding of semiotics. [...] The part I played was to utilise those codes in other places. It's a shift of context, and with it come the values of where that code was founded. I was saying that there are some of the qualities or spirit of where this originated, in this new product.' 'The romance ...' details a summer's worth of archaeology in the archive of Saville's notes and reference materials.

'Wilson delivers the finest interview yet in print, coaxing Saville out from behind the guarded verbosity and lyrical flights of fancy into making concrete statements about his methods and intentions as well as frank admissions of failure. [...] Wilson also contributes an excellent closing essay, which, at last, lets the reader into Saville's world. Wilson writes of being asked to sort through the Saville archive to amass ephemera for a later project, and finds himself moved by the minutiae of Saville's life and career. After 180 pages of relentless perfectionism and finished product, it is a tremendous relief to see handwriting, sketchpads, and the term "hotel receipt".'
Daniel Nadel, Eye 49, Autumn 2003





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