'Dot Dot Dot' 18 cover  'Dot Dot Dot' 18: 'And so to bed'

'And so to bed', Dot Dot Dot 18, Summer 2009
This text details the farcical nine-year history of Oberphones' Ernst Bettler article since its first publication in Dot Dot Dot.

'The worlds of advertising and graphic design may abound with professionals 'thinking outside the box', but when, once upon a time, a design writer invented a story, they could not bear it. It must be refuted, labelled a hoax, explained away in amateur conjective fashion. To place a fictional text in the box set aside for design journalism – and thereby perhaps alter the reader's concept of what might be possible via graphic design – was intolerable. It was unacceptable to let the story simply be. It was, in short, impossible to think 'outside the box' of what is permissible in a magazine about design. And for that, the industry really does deserve Bettlering.'





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