'Waiting world' (excerpt), from Otherliness exhibition, Host Artists Group/Vane Gallery, 2009
Debuted at Vane Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, and included on the accompanying compilation. From the liner notes: 'In 1988, inspired by records such as the one sampled here, I began making my own cut-up tracks using a home stereo and, principally, its pause button. Multitracking was impossible, as was split-second sampling. In 1997 I made a cut-up track using a multitrack tape recorder and, principally, its pause button. The hopeless aim of creating seamless loops gave way to documenting imperfections in timing: the analogue rotation of the sampled source (a turntable); the recorder’s strained motor; my releasing of the pause button. I sampled the same sequence repeatedly for ten minutes, then rewound and began again. Eventually the tape contained four simultaneous lanes of the thrice-imperfect loop. I intended the finished piece to comprise this tape amplified in various environments, then re-recorded and re-edited. In 2009 Otherliness became the catalyst for this.'




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